Just out! Charles Edgley’: The Drama of Social Life: A Dramaturgical Handbook

A note from Dennis Waskul via SSSI-Talk


It is my pleasure to announce the release of Charles Edgley’s excellent book The Drama of Social Life: A Dramaturgical Handbook in the Interactionist Currents series that I edit with Phillip Vannini.  I’m quite confident that you will find this long over-due contemporary dramaturgical handbook engaging, well-written, and extremely useful.  Below I have included the table of contents.  For more information go to:  http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9781472402646 (the book is also available on Amazon).


We have several other forthcoming books.  The next to come will be Challenging Myths of Masculinity: Understanding Physical Cultures by Michael Atkinson and Lee F. Monaghan.  Previous books include Daniel Martin’s The Politics of Sorrow: Families, Victims, and the Micro-Organization of Youth Homicide

Please get in touch with me privately (dennis.waskul@mnsu.edu) if you have a book project and would like to consider publishing your work in the Interactionist Currents series.  We are especially interested in exceptional quality contemporary interactionist works that advance the state of symbolic interaction in ways that are interesting, novel, and enjoyable to read.

The Drama of Social Life:  A Dramaturgical Handbook

1. Introduction, Charles Edgley;

Part I Classical and Contemporary Thinkers and Perspectives in Dramaturgical Thought

2. Drama as life: the seminal contributions of Kenneth Burke, Ann Branaman

3. Tale of the evolutionary drama of symboling: a dramaturgical digression, Eugene Halton

4. Victor Turner’s dramaturgical theory of ritual, Karen L. Drummond

5. The dramaturgical legacy of Erving Goffman, Greg Smith

Part II Foundational Concepts

6. Situation and structure in the making of selves, Michael Schwalbe

7. Authenticity and dramaturgical self, J. Patrick Williams

8. Dramaturgy and motivation: motive talk, accounts, and disclaimers, John P. Hewitt

9. Role-distance, activity distance, and the dramaturgic metaphor, Robert A. Stebbins

Part III Substantive Investigations and Empirical Elaborations

10. Social movements and the dramatic framing of social reality, Robert D. Benford

11. The drama of dissent: police, protesters, and political impression management, Daniel D. Martin

12. Media dramas and the social construction of reality, David L. Altheide

13. The performative body: dramaturgy, the body, and embodiment, Dennis Waskul and Phillip Vannini

14. Museum drama and interaction order ‘sui generis’: works of art as hubs for co-orientation, Dirk vom Lehn

15. Puttin’ on your face: staged emotions among barbershop singers, Jeffrey E. Nash

16. Transsexuals’ gendered self-presentations, J. Edward Sumerau, Douglas P. Schrock and Teri Jo Reese

17. Sadomasochistic selves: dramaturgical dimensions of SM play, Staci Newmahr

Part IV The Future of Dramaturgical Thinking

18. The dramaturgy of digital experience, Annette Markham

19. Dramaturgy and post-structuralism, Phillip Vannini

20. Hypermodern dramaturgy in online encounters, Simon Gottschalk and Jennifer Whitmer


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