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#SSSI 2017 Annual Meeting – Author meets Critics – Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman #sociology

At this year’s SSSI Annual Meetings in Montreal we had organised an Author meets Critics session. In the session Kathy Charmaz, Natalia Ruiz-Junco, Brandon A. Jackson and Martha Copp discussed with Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman about her book “The Color of Love: … Continue reading

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New Interactionist book in Italian “INTERAZIONI INCLUSIVE (INCLUSIVE INTERACTIONS)” #sssi #sociology

A very interesting book has been released in Italy by the end of November 2016, entitled “Interazioni Inclusive” (Inclusive Interactions), edited by Andrea Salvini and published for Maggioli Editore. Presented by a Preface of David Altheide, it contains several essays … Continue reading

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Review on Recent Developments in French Interactionist Sociology #sssi

There is a strong but fragmented interactionist tradition in various European countries. One of these countries is France where in particular Howard S. Becker and his sociology are very well received. In fact, Becker has made it his habit to spend some … Continue reading

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new introductory book on Goffman

As the Special Issue of Goffman is developing in Symbolic Interaction, Yves Winkin and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz have just published a new introductory book on Goffman. Information about the book can be found here    

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Just out! Charles Edgley’: The Drama of Social Life: A Dramaturgical Handbook

A note from Dennis Waskul via SSSI-Talk Friends- It is my pleasure to announce the release of Charles Edgley’s excellent book The Drama of Social Life: A Dramaturgical Handbook in the Interactionist Currents series that I edit with Phillip Vannini.  I’m quite confident that … Continue reading

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