Call for Contributions – SSSI NOTES

The next issue of SSSI Notes will be available in mid-November. If you have any announcements about books, conferences, grants, awards, related organizations, or other relevant information please send it to me via e-mail ( by Monday, November 11. Please include submissions as Word attachments limited to 500 words. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

– William Force (SSSI Notes, Editor)

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CfP Troubled Pearson’s Industries (book chapters) #sssi #psychiatry

A member of our society has asked me to distribute a call for papers with regard to a book he is editing.

Troubled Persons Industries: The Expansion of Psychiatric Categories beyond Psychiatry  

Call for abstracts and chapters 

Martin Harbusch & Alison Fixsen 

We are looking for authors, who focus on (non-)psychiatric contexts of everyday life from a (critical) sociological approach. This could be empirical-based reconstructions of the use of psychiatric categories in professional (non-)psychiatric contexts; analysis of social developments, such as trends toward self-diagnosis; the contextual power aspects of the victim role; or the multiplication of “troubled persons” agents and agencies via the internet. We also seeking theoretical chapters, which focus on these or other contexts in a more abstract way and connect to the classical theoretical debate around mental health and illness.  
Proposed Dates of this volume:  
– Deadline for the abstracts: December 2nd 2019 
– Deadline to get positive response: December 30th 2019 
– Deadline for the articles: May 30th 2020 
– Deadline for the edited final Version: October 2020
– Date of Publication: December 2020  
Please send your abstracts (max. 300 words; title of the proposed chapter and main arguments/discussion points) up to the 2nd December to:  
Martin Harbusch and Alison Fixsen: (;
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Halloween Candy Contamination legends #sssi

As Halloween creeps up on us, Joel Best‘s research on Halloween Candy Contamination is discussed in The Washington Post. „THC, cyanide and razor blades: How sketchy urban myths taught parents to fear Halloween candy“ –

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Final Programme SSSI 2019 in New York City – #sssi #sociology


Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 11.25.01 AM

Click Here for the Detailed SSSI 2019 Program

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 11.25.57 AM

For the detailed program (pdf) please click HERE!

Program Planning Committee
Stacey Hannem, Vice President SSSI, Wilfrid Laurier University (Chair)
Thaddeus Muller, Past-Vice President SSSI, Lancaster University
Tim Hallett, Vice President elect SSSI, Indiana University Bloomington
Lisa-Jo van den Scott, Treasurer SSSI, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Thomas DeGloma, Past-President SSSI, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center

Thank you to all of our student volunteers at the registration desk and to the Couch family for their continued support of student attendance at SSSI!

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 11.26.41 AM

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The George Herbert Mead Award for Lifetime Achievement #sssi #sociology

The George Herbert Mead Award for Lifetime Achievement is given annually to recognize a scholar’s career contributions to the field of symbolic interactionism. Nominations are also open to those who have proposed scholars in the recent past, but a new nomination with supporting materials is required.

Submit nominating letters and relevant materials to the committee chair and members by June 30, 2019.

Chair:​    Scott Grills, Brandon University

Members:​  Magdalena Wojciechowska, University of Lodz
Sam Hillyard, Durham University

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Registration for 2019 Annual Meetings of #SSSI is Open #sociology #conferences

Information about the 2019 Annual Meetings of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) can be found on the Society’s website. Registration for the Conference is now open. Please use the following link to register.

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Couch-Stone Symposium 2019 – Program #sssi #sociology

2019 Couch-­‐Stone Symposium

‘Teaching and Symbolic Interactionism”


An annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction May 16-­‐18, 2019

Hilton Des Moines Downtown, 435 Park Street Des Moines, Iowa

The last chance to reserve rooms at Hilton Des Moines Downtown is today (May 9).
The hotel reservations page is here:



Laurie Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College

David Schweingruber, Iowa State University


Student Directors

Steve Beeman, Iowa State University David W. Wahl, Iowa State University


This year’s Couch-­‐Stone Symposium will address such questions as: How should Symbolic Interactionism  be  taught  in  the  undergraduate  classroom?  How  can  the  Symbolic Interactionist perspective improve any college course? How should we be passing along Symbolic Interactionism to the next generation of scholars? How can Symbolic Interactionist research on teaching and learning inform our practice?

The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction is an international community of scholars whose scholarship employs and examines the perspective of Symbolic Interactionism. The Society publishes a quarterly journal, Symbolic Interaction, which was founded in 1977.

The Couch-­‐Stone Symposium is one of two annual meetings of SSSI (the other being held simultaneously with ASA). It was named for two interactionist sociologists who were instrumental   in   founding   SSSI,   both   scholars   at   Midwestern   universities:   Carl   Couch (University of Iowa) and Gregory Stone (University of Minnesota). The original symposium, called the “Minnesota Symposium on Symbolic Interaction,” was held in Stone’s home in June 1974.


Thursday, May 16, 2-­‐3:30 p.m.

General Paper Session I

Schedule of Events

“Why and How We Are Studying Internal Conversations” David Schweingruber, Iowa State University

“Internal Conversations in Sexual Self Construction.” David W. Wahl, Iowa State University

“Asexual Bingo -­‐   Identity Exploration & Confirmation Within Contemporary Society” Antonio Ball, Iowa State University

“Women Who Drink” Susan Stewart


Thursday, May 16, 3:45-­‐5:15 p.m.


Featured Speaker

“Helping People Grieve: Teaching Theory as a Matter of Life and Death” Nancy Berns, Drake University


Thursday, May 16, 5:45-­‐7 p.m.

Welcome reception with cash bar and appetizers


Friday, May 17, 7-­‐8 a.m.

Continental Breakfast


Friday, May 17, 8:15-­‐9:45 a.m.


General Paper Session II

“Money Work in Gambling Worlds” Steve Beeman, Iowa State University

“Role exit: Narrating the end to a life without parole sentence” Danqing Yu, Iowa State University

“Gender as an Inhabited Institution”

Alyssa Place, Indiana University–Bloomington Jennifer Lee, Indiana University–Bloomington Tim Hallett, Indiana University–Bloomington

“Reverential Degradation in the Patriarchy: Reinforcing the Patriarchy in Celebrity Fan


David W. Wahl, Iowa State University

“Role exit: Narrating the end to a life without parole sentence” Laurie Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College


Friday, May 17, 10-­‐11:30 a.m.


Featured Speaker

“Keep it Active: Teaching Symbolic Interactionism in Introductory Courses” Maxine Atkinson, North Carolina State University


Friday, May 17, 11:30-­‐1 p.m.




Lunch Option #1: Continuing conversation with Maxine Atkinson

Lunch Option #2: Conversation with Scott Harris, editor of Symbolic Interaction


Friday, May 17, 1:15-­‐2:45 p.m.

Featured Speaker

“Teaching with Symbolic Interaction: Meeting Them Where They Are” Kerry Ferris, Northern Illinois University


Friday, May 17, 3-­‐4 p.m.

Teaching Paper Session I

“Mass Background Participant Observation as a Class Assignment” David Schweingruber, Iowa State University, Angie Carter, Michigan Technical University, Andres Lopez, Oregon State University

“Teaching Social Inequality and Addressing the So-­‐What Question from a Symbolic Interactionist Perspective”, Fangheyue Ma, University of South Florida


Friday, May 17, 4-­‐5:30 p.m.


Panel—Passing on Our Interactionist Inheritance: Teaching Graduate Students and Advanced


Tim Hallett, Indiana University–Bloomington David Schweingruber, Iowa State University Julie B. Wiest, West Chester University


Friday, May 17, 6-­‐8:30 p.m.


SSSI Banquet


Saturday, May 18, 7-­‐8 a.m.


Continental Breakfast


Saturday, May 18, 8:15-­‐9:45 a.m.


General Paper Session III

“Burlesque Boys: Constructing Masculinity in Burlesque” Rebecca Haroldson, Iowa State University

Exploring Issues of Inequality in the American Tattooing Industry Deborah Burns, Iowa State University

“Transverse Interactions on the Mississippi River” Nicholas Baxter, Indiana University–Kokomo

“Emigration on the Go: Toward a Theory Spontaneity” Abdi Kusow, Iowa State University

“Reframing, Recalibrating, and Refocusing: Putting A Happy Face on Meth Cooks” Jacob H. Erickson, Iowa State University


Saturday, May 18, 10-­‐11:30 a.m.


Teaching Paper Session II


“‘I just had emergency surgery!’: Faculty assessments of students’ emotional displays in excuse making” Kimberly M. Baker, University of Northern Iowa, Kamryn Warren, University of Northern Iowa

“A Moment of Mindlessness: Teaching Categorization in the Undergraduate S.I. Classroom” Julie B. Wiest, West Chester University

“A Hybrid Model: Half Lecture, Half Independent Study” Scott Harris, St. Louis University

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