CFP Qualitative Analysis Conference

The 33rd Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference: 
Visual Research Methods and Visual Ethnographies
Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario: May 11-13 2016
Abstract submission deadline: December 15, 2015
Visual research methods and visual ethnographies have burgeoned over the past decade. As leading visual researcher Gillian Rose recently put it: “One of the most striking developments across the social sciences in the past decade has been the growth of research methods using visual materials” (Rose, 2014, p. 24). This attention to visuals can be seen in the steady rise of conferences, scholarly associations, publications, special issues of journals, and Handbooks on visual research methods (e.g. McAllister, 2011; Rose, 2011; Pink, 2007, 2012; Mitchell, 2011; Margolis & Pauwels, 2011; Tinkler, 2012).
The fields of visual methods and visual ethnographies are incredibly wide and can include many forms of visual methods, and visual materials, and a diverse array of methodological, epistemological, and ontological approaches. Visual materials can include, for example, photographs, films, artifacts, collages, visual diaries, web based media, maps, diagrams, graphic novels. Some well-known visual methods are: participatory video, photo voice, photo elicitation, video walks, as well as research participants drawing, mapping, and co-producing visual depictions of everyday lives. Visual material can be generated by the researcher, by research participants, or both in collaboration; and visuals can be found, elicited, made, or be a combination of all of these depending on one’s epistemological and ontological moorings.  Visual methods can be used as all stages of the research processes from fieldwork to the sharing of research outputs through visual medium.
This year’s 33rd Qualitative Analysis Conference focuses on exploring, sharing, and critically reflecting on visual research methods and visual ethnographies. We encourage contributions from the social sciences and the humanities as well as interventions from artists, filmmakers, and artist-researchers. Submissions are invited on (but not limited to) the following themes:
·       Visual methods and fieldwork
·       Visual ethnographies
·       Visual methods and sensory methods
·       Visuals and data analysis
·       Visual and meaning making
·       Epistemological and ontological issues in visual research 
·       Participatory research and visual research
·       Visual research methods and social justice
·       Photo elicitation
·       Participatory video
·       Visual research and documentary film making
·       Visual research methods and affect
·       Visual research methods and research relationships
·       Teaching visual research methods
·       Visual research and ethical issues
While this year’s theme highlights visual research methods and visual ethnographies, we encourage submissions from people conducting qualitative research and interpretive analysis more generally. Submissions from novice and experienced researchers are welcomed. We are keen to include graduate students as presenters and as participants. There will be more announcements regarding Keynote and Featured speakers, and special sessions to follow.
Abstracts can be submitted online If you have anyquestions, please contact us at
Andrea Doucet, Brock University
Lisa-Jo van den Scott, Brock University
Nancy Cook, Brock University
Jennifer Rowsell, Brock University
Deana Simonetto, McMaster University
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2015 NCA George Herbert Mead Lecture by Michael Ian Borer (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

via Sarina Chen on the SSSI Mailinglist


Michael Ian Borer (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) gave 2015 George Herbert Mead Lecture during the annual convention of National Communication Association (NCA), November 19-22, Rio Conference Center, Las Vegas,NV.  Borer’s lecture was presided by Denise Polk (West Chester University). Borer’s lecture is entitled, “Sensuous Knowledge and the Rise of Aesthetic Urbanism.”  In the lecture, Borer indicates that cities are dense sensory environments.  He notes that cities are chock full of distinctive smells, sounds, and tastes, as well as visual and tactile stimuli, each needing interpretation and subsequently endowed with a range of symbolic meanings.

In order to recognize the sensuous ways that cities communicate with those who live, work, or play within them, Borer argues that we need to attune our bodies-as instruments of knowledge and power-to the production and consumption of aesthetic urban experiences.  Borer discusses classical and contemporary symbolic interactionism-broadly defined-provides analyticaland methodological support for such an endeavor.

George Herbert Mead Lecture Series is an annual presentation established by the branch unit of Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) in NCA conventions since 2008.  The purpose of the lecture series is to promote the study of symbolic interactionism in the field of communication.

The lecture serves to engage dialogues, discussions, and collaboration efforts between sociologists and communication researchers.  NCA is the oldest academic organization in the field of communication, with a membership of more than 9000 worldwide.  NCA Convention is attended by more than 5000 scholars, researchers, practitioners and students in the field of communication annually.  Past Mead Lecture presenters include Michael Katovich (2008), Gary Alan Fine (2009), Kathy Charmaz (2010), Christopher Faircloth (2011), Carolyn Ellis (2012), Natalia Ruiz-Junco (2013).


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SSSI Notes Newsletter OUT! #sssi #sociology

The latest SSSI Newsletter has just been published on our website.

You can download it here.—latest-newsletter

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Call for Nominations – Herbert Blumer Award #sssi #sociology

Herbert Blumer Award

The Herbert Blumer Award is presented annually to the author of the best graduate student paper in the tradition of symbolic interaction. To be eligible for this award, authors must be enrolled in a graduate program. Those who have been awarded a Ph.D. prior to May 2014 are not eligible. Submitted papers cannot have been accepted for publication at the time of this submission, although papers under review may be submitted. The winner of this award may submit the paper for publication in any appropriate journal, including but not limited to Symbolic Interaction.

The 2016 committee chaired by Carrie Sanders and is comprised of Thaddeus Muller and Ken Kolb. Please send nominations to Carrie Sanders at

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Post-doc initiative at the University of South Florida #sssi #sociology

University of South Florida

Provost’s Postdoctoral Initiative

Social Sciences and Humanities, 2016-17

Global Change in a Dynamic World

The University of South Florida is pleased to announce the 8th year of its Postdoctoral Scholars program in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The over-arching theme for this program is Global Change in a Dynamic World. Potential themes include (but are not limited to) sustainability; sustainable development; hazard and disaster management; climate change; population changes; technology and information issues; communication and language development; cultural diasporas; ethnicity, gender, and aging issues; cultural heritage and histories; citizenship; identity; health, economic, education, and environmental disparities; political economy; ethics; human rights; animal rights; peace and conflict studies; injury and violence; security and surveillance issues. Specific research and geographical areas are open, and applicants may consider both past and contemporary perspectives.

Postdoctoral Scholars will: (i) work closely with distinguished faculty; (ii) participate in an interdisciplinary project with the cohort of postdoctoral scholars; (iii) teach two courses over a twelve-month period; and (iv) continue to build an independent research record and engage in publishing refereed articles and creative scholarship.

Postdoctoral Scholars

At least one twelve-month postdoctoral scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2016 with appointment beginning in August 2016. Appointments are for full time employment (40 hours per week) and will be continued for a maximum of 2 years contingent upon satisfactory performance. The salary is $40,000 per year and the University contributes to a health insurance program for postdoctoral scholars and their dependents. Support for travel to academic conferences will also be available. Scholars will be responsible for relocation expenses.

Application information can be found at

Application Deadline is Thursday, December 10th.

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‘Life off the Grid’ documentary #sssi #sociology #technology

At the SSSI Annual Conference in 2013 Phillip Vannini gave the Distinguished Lecture discussing his project ‘Life Off the Grid’. The documentary based on this project has recently been published and can be rented or bought here –

More information about the project and the documentary is here.

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Couch-Stone Symposium 2016 – Call for Papers #sssi #sociology


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