Award Announcement: Bryant Keith Alexander, et al. Won 2020 Ellis-Bochner Award #sssi #awards

Award Announcement: Bryant Keith Alexander, et al. Won 2020 Ellis-Bochner Award

The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI), National Communication Association (NCA) Branch, is pleased to announce the winner of 2020 Ellis-Bochner Autoethnography and Personal Narrative Research Award.

Bryant Keith Alexander (Loyolay Marymount University), Ayshia Elizabeth Stephenson-Celadilla (Bunker Hill Community College), Katty Alhayek (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Porntip Israsena Twishime (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Timothy Sutton (independent scholar), Carmen Hernández Ojeda (independent scholar, Spain), and Claudio Moreira (University of Massachusetts Amherst) won the 2020 Ellis-Bochner Award with their work “‘I’m Sorry My Hair Is Blocking Your Smile’: A Performative Assemblage and Intercultural Dialogue on the Politics of Hair and Place.” The article places seven (7) diverse scholars across a range of racial, ethnic, cultural class, and career locations — into a critical dialogue about the politics of hair. The narratively constructed self-storying in which each coauthor engages, speaks provocatively and evocatively about personal triumph and struggle with cultural constructions of desire and disdain in which hair-the growing, cutting, styling, loss of hair-as well as the politics of hair on the body for both men and women become cultural capital with the investments of class, beauty, and shame.

SSSI-NCA Branch wishes to thank the hard work of the Ellis-Bochner Award Review Committee : Ron Pelias (Emeritus, Southern Illinois University), Christopher N. Poulos (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), Carol Rambo (University of Memphis), and Elissa Foster (DePaul University).

Ellis-Bochner Award is an annual competition established by the SSSI-NCA Branch to recognize best published article, essay, or book chapter in autoethnography and personal narrative Research.  Submissions are evaluated based on the quality of (1) originality; (2) creativity and quality of narration; (3) evocative writing; (4) engagement with human emotionality and subjectivity; and (5) significance of contribution to the field and/or to social justice.

For more information about Ellis-Bochner Award please contact John C. Pruit (Stephen F. Austin State University) at

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