Latest Edition of SSSI Notes is out! #sssi #sociology

The Society’s latest newsletter has just been published on our website. To access it click HERE.

Notes Volume 45, Number 2

President’s Statement /  1

2017 Couch-Stone Symposium / 2

Annual Conference / 3

2017 SSSI Awards / 4

Forthcoming Studies in Symbolic Interaction / 7

Reflections: An Erving Goffman Mystery / 8

Obituary for Thomas Luckmann / 10

Recent Books / 13

Other Announcements / 14

Future Issues / 16


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SSSI at SSSP – Special Session #sssi #sociology

SSSI is cosponsoring a session at the SSSP 2017 Annual Conference in Montreal.

The session is “Narratives of Fear in Popular Culture”. For further information, please follow the link below, and look for session #17:

Submissions for this session are encouraged.


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SSSI 2017 – Call for Session Proposals (extended deadline: November 18th) #sssi #sociology #conference

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for session proposals for the 2017 SSSI Annual Meeting in Montreal, 8/11-8/13, has been extended to November 18th. PLEASE SUBMIT PROPOSALS NOW!

For forty years, the SSSI has been a professional home for scholars with roots in American pragmatism and the study of identity, everyday practice, and language. Over the decades, what was once a radical alternative to positivism has become accepted by the mainstream. We have endured debates over micro vs. macro, social realism vs. interpretivism, and structure vs. agency. The 2017 annual conference will celebrate the many directions that symbolic interactionist research takes for investigating social issues and envisioning social change.

Call for Sessions and Session Organizers

The conference organizers hope to have a number of sessions that highlight our theme as well as promote related topics at our annual meeting. We invite scholars to submit one-page proposals for paper sessions, plenary session, author meets critic, or other opportunities that will help bring the conference theme to life. Submissions should include a title and a brief description of papers solicited.

Submit session proposals to Beth Montemurro, SSSI Vice-President, at . Please put “SSSI Session Proposal” in the subject line. The deadline for session proposals is October 30, 2016. A call for paper submissions will be forthcoming in early 2017.

Information about registration fees, society membership, and banquet tickets will appear on the SSSI website,, as it becomes available.

Questions? Please contact SSSI President, Leslie Irvine or SSSI Vice President, Beth Montemurro


Beth Montemurro  

Beth Montemurro, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

Penn State University, Abington

1600 Woodland Road

Abington, PA 19001


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Call for Awards Nominations! #sssi #sociology #awards

The calls for 2017 award nominations has been published on our website. Please click HERE to be directed to the site.

2017 SSSI Award Committees

The George Herbert Mead Award

The George Herbert Mead Award is given annually to recognize a scholar’s career contributions to the field of symbolic interactionism. Submit nominating letters and relevant materials by March 1, 2017.

Committee Chair: David Snow

Michael Dellwing

Vessela Misheva


Charles Horton Cooley Book Award

The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction announces its call for nominations for the 2017 Charles Horton Cooley Book Award. This award is given annually to an author for a book that represents an important contribution to the perspective of symbolic interaction. To be eligible for the 2017 award, a nominated book should have a publication date between 2014 and 2016. Previously nominated works within this three-year publication period remain eligible but must be re-nominated. Please send nominating letters and copies of books to all three committee members by March 1, 2017.

Committee chair: Matt Hughey

Department of Sociology

University of Connecticut

344 Mansfield Road, Unit 1068

Manchester Hall

Storrs, CT  06269


Jesse Smith

41525 Pheasant Street

Mattawan, MI 49071

Natalia Ruiz-Junco

7030-H Haley

Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Auburn University,

Auburn AL 36849-5049


The Herbert Blumer Award

The Herbert Blumer Award is presented annually to the author of the best graduate student paper in the tradition of symbolic interaction. To be eligible for this award, authors must be enrolled in a graduate program. Those who have been awarded a Ph.D. prior to May 2014 are not eligible. Submitted papers cannot have been accepted for publication at the time of this submission, although papers under review may be submitted. The winner of this award may submit the paper for publication in any appropriate journal, including but not limited to Symbolic Interaction. Submit papers by March 1, 2017.

Committee Chair: Jessica Burke


Patti Adler


Amanda Shigihara


Helena Lopata Mentor Excellence Award

The relationship between a student and a faculty member can have a profound, lifelong influence on both parties. Likewise, established and accomplished teacher-scholars can serve equally influential and encouraging roles for junior colleagues and provide crucial support for early and midcareer transitions. In sum, the mentoring relationship inspires, gives confidence, and culminates in valuable collegial relationships. The effective mentor serves as advisor, teacher, advocate, and role model. The SSSI Helena Lopata Mentor Excellence Award recognizes these important contributions to our society and craft. Nominees must be members of SSSI to be eligible for this award. We seek nominees who show evidence of:

  • a sustained career as a beneficial role model;
  • a sustained record of mentoring students and junior colleagues in acquiring the skills and resources necessary for career success;
  • promoting successful and timely completion of students’ degree programs;
  • supporting attendance and participation at conferences;
  • imparting informed advice relating to career opportunities and choices;
  • establishing opportunities for networking and professional connections;
  • motivating students and junior colleagues about research and teaching activities;
  • helping students and junior colleagues develop a range of talents including skills in research, teaching, professional presentations, writing, preparation of grant and fellowship applications, etc.;
  • integrating students and junior colleagues into the broader culture of the SSSI.

All nominations should include (a) a letter of nomination and, (b) multiple letters of support, ideally from people with different mentoring relations with the candidate, that testify to a sustained career of outstanding mentorship. Submit materials by March 1, 2017.

Committee Chair: Ara Francis


Baptiste Brossard

Marc Eaton


Martha Copp


Early-in-Career Award

The SSSI Early-In-Career Award Committee recognizes junior scholars’ contribution to the field of symbolic interaction and potential. The award specifically honors those scholars who have made significant contributions within the first ten years since the completion of their PhDs. Nominations are made through support letters sent (by SSSI members) to the chair of the award committee. Support letters should include the following information: the candidate’s most noteworthy research and publications thus far; contributions to symbolic interaction; and the candidate’s CV.

Submit nomination letters and relevant materials by March 1, 2017.

Committee Chair: Ross Haenfler


Karyn Marvasti


Dan Huebner


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Renew your SSSI Membership! #sssi #sociology

Greetings from Colorado!

This is to remind you that your membership in the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction expires at the end of the year. Renew now, and cross it off your list of things to do later.

This link will take you to the membership website.  Scroll down to the appropriate price category. The secure website will allow you to use a credit card.

If you encounter any obstacles during the process, contact<>

Thank you for supporting the SSSI.

Leslie Irvine


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Thank you gift for Patricia Hulme

Over the past almost 6 years, Patricia Hulme has served as the Editorial Assistant of Symbolic Interaction ensuring the smooth running of the journal. To mark her service to the journal the SSSI Executive has presented Pat with a painting depicting an scene from an international cricket match by the Nottingham artists Mark Beavan. The photograph shows Pat and Mark.



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Deadline for 2017 Couch-Stone Symposium approaching #sssi #sociology

Fellow interactionists:

The deadline for submitting paper proposals for the 2017 Couch-Stone Symposium is Oct. 31.

The conference will be held March 30-April 2 in Milwaukee in conjunction with the Midwest Sociological Society conference. Our theme is “21st Century Interactionism.”

The submission portal for both conferences is here:

When you navigate to the list of research sessions, you will notice that 16 of them are designated Couch-Stone sessions. The portal doesn’t list the sessions organizers so here are the sessions with organizers listed:

Autobiographical Storytelling (Thomas DeGloma)

Collective Action, Collective Behavior (Daniel Martin)

Dennis Brissett Memorial Session: Sociology of Everyday Life (Janelle Wilson)

Internal Conversations (David Schweingruber)

Negotiated Orders (Stefan Timmermans)

Popular Culture (Deborah L. Burns)

Pragmatic Interaction (Peter Hall)

Public Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism (Michael Spivey)

Social Movements (Angie Carter)

Social Organization (Daniel Martin)

Social Problems (Joel Best)

Sociology of Emotions (Scott Harris)

Structural Symbolic Interactionism (Christopher Kelly & Shane Soboroff)

The Supernatural and Paranormal (Dennis Waskul & Marc Eaton)

Symbolic Interactionist Methods (Abdi Kusow)

Symbolic Interactionism: Theory & Research (Couch-Stone Symposium submissions that don’t fit another session) (David Schweingruber & Laurie Linhart)

You can address any questions or feedback to me or my co-organizer Laurie Linhart.

Best wishes,

Dave Schweingruber

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