Current Situation at Memorial University of New Foundland #strike

Strike at MUN!  Memorial University of Newfoundland’s faculty association, MUNFA, has been working in good faith with Memorial University over an extended period of time to reach a fair deal for faculty.  In an era of top-heavy universities, burgeoning with upper administration, rather than with faculty and the social project of knowledge, working conditions have deteriorated and precarious academic life is normalized.  Symbolic Interaction’s editor-in-chief, Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, is a member of MUNFA and is currently on strike with her union.  SSSI supports MUNFA and urges Memorial University of Newfoundland, and indeed all public universities, to consider the inappropriateness of “management” mindsets and to remember that faculty and students are the heart of the university.  In solidarity!

Until a fair deal is reached, I urge you to contact the following individuals to voice your support for a fair deal at MUN so that we can end our strike:

·       President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons Tel: 709-864-8212 Fax: 709-864-2059 Email: or

·       Provost and Vice-President Dr. Neil Bose 709-864-8246 Email: or

·       Vice-President (advancement and external relations) Lisa Browne Tel: 709-864-8012 Email: or

·       Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) Ian Sutherland Tel: 709-639-2545 Email:

·       Premier of Newfoundland Labrador Andrew Furey  Tel: 709-635-0132 Fax: 709-635-0133 Email: or

·       Minister of Education John Haggie Tel: 709-256-3729 Fax: 709-256-1410 Email:


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