SSSI 2017 – Preliminary Program



2017 Annual Conference

August 11-13

Hotel Omni Mont-Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada




FRIDAY, 8/11

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Meeting Registration

8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. SSSI Executive Committee Meeting

8:45-11:45 Grounded theory workshop

12:00-1:30—Diversity Luncheon

6:00-7:00 Welcome Reception


FRIDAY 12:00PM – 1:15PM

Session 1.1                                Symbolic Interaction and the Nonhuman Animal

Organizer and Presider: Andrea Laurent-Simpson, Southern Methodist University

“Biscuits or Bullets?”: News Media Narratives of Police Shootings of Dogs Devon……Thacker Thomas, California State University – Fullerton, and Jenny R. Vermilya, University of North Georgia


Stigmatized-Care Fatigue: Exploring Stress Burnout Among Feral Cat Caretakers……Carol Y. Thompson, Texas Christian University, and Robert L. Young, University of Texas at Arlington


Negotiating Nature: Flexible Expendability, Aedes Aegypti, and Emerging Infectious Diseases……Andrea Laurent-Simpson, Southern Methodist University, and Celia Lo, Texas Woman’s University


Session 1.2                                Gender, Sexualities, and Boundaries

Organizer: R Plante

Presider: Alexis Lewis, University of Missouri


“Am I Being a Lesbo-Snob?: Making Sense of Boundary Work in Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Safer Sex Discourses……Justine Egner and MC Whitlock, University of South Florida


“We’ve Come a Long Way, Guys!”: Denying the Social Harms of Male-Based Generics……Sherryl Kleinman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Martha Copp, East Tennessee State University, and Kalah Wilson, North Carolina State University


“The Pope Compared Transgender People to Nuclear Weapons”: Exploring Transgender Religious Experience in Contemporary American Society……J.E. Sumerau, University of Illinois-Chicago, Lain A.B. Mathers, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Ryan T. Cragun, University of Tampa

Session 1.3                                Professions and Practices

Organizer: Beth Montemurro, Penn State University, Abington

Presider: Kristen M. Kalz, University of Missouri


“How are you Going to Teach Heart?” Alternative Death Care and the Dilemma of Professionalization……Ara Francis, College of the Holy Cross


Are Nurses Workers?  Gender, Class, and Professionalization in Nurses’ Labor Activism……Jillian Crocker, SUNY Old Westbury


“You’re a What?”: Becoming an Astrologer……Lisa M. Lipscomb, The New School for Social Research

FRIDAY 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Session 1.4                                Journalism as a Social World 1.

                                                      Journalism as Cooperative Activity: Conventional Means of Participating in the       Journalism Worlds

Organizers and Presiders: Fábio Pereira, Universidade de Brasília, Joël Langonné, Université de Rennes 1, and Olivier Tredan, Université de Rennes 1


Introduction: Journalism as a Social World: An Overview……Fábio Pereira, Universidade de Brasília, Joël Langonné, Université de Rennes 1, and Olivier Tredan, Université de Rennes 1


Becoming journalists: The career of young members of two newsrooms in Argentina……Laura Rosenberg, Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento, Argentina


The Career of Brazilian Journalists and the Changes of Social Worlds……Fábio Henrique Pereira, Universidade de Brasília, Brazil


Approaching Public by Social Worlds: Understanding Bloggers’ Taste……Olivier Tredan, Université de Rennes 1, France


Session 1.5                                The Self, Identity, and Power

Presider: Lonnie Athens, Seton Hall University


Presentations of Self in Nightlife and the Strategic Misuse of Prescription Drugs……Mark Pawson, CUNY Graduate Center


The Importance of Identity in Conceptualizations among African-American Women Regarding Causes and Solutions to the Maternal-Child Health Crisis in America……Cathleen J. Appelt, Duquesne University and Jessica A. Devido, Duquesne University


They Call Us Problem Child: Medicalization, Delinquency, and Social Class in Primary Education……Melissa Lavin, State University of New York, Oneonta


Session 1.6                                Gender and Identity

Organizer: R Plante

Presider: Rachel Macfarlane, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Emotion Work and Intersectionality: A Critical Review of the Literature……Krista McQueeny, Merrimack College and Brittnie Aiello, Merrimack College


Navigating Genderqueer Existence Within and Beyond the Academy……Lain A.B. Mathers, University of Illinois-Chicago


“Masculine, No – Heterosexual, Yes”: Gender Performance as Display of Sexuality……Kimberly Tauches, Centenary University


FRIDAY 3:00PM – 4:15PM

Session 1.7                                Journalism as a Social World 2.

                                                      Actors, Materiality and Changes in the Journalism Worlds

Organizers and Presiders: Fábio Pereira, Universidade de Brasília, Joël Langonné, Université de Rennes 1, and Olivier Tredan, Université de Rennes 1


How Typographers and Editors used to Influence Newspaper Both Content and Materiality……Joël Langonné, Université de Rennes 1


From the Objects of Journalism to the Social Worlds of Journalism……Juliette De Maeyer, Université de Montréal


Visual Sociology and the Transformations of Newsrooms……Florence Le Cam, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium


Session 1.8   The Evolution of Jack Douglas’ Methodology In light of Investigative Social Research

Organizer and Presider: Marco Marzano, University of Bergamo


The Evolution of Jack Douglas’ Thinking about Methods……John Johnson, Arizona State University


Learning from Jack Douglas……Thaddeus Muller, Law School Lancaster University


The ‘Investigative Paradigm’ in the 21st Century……Marco Marzano, University of Bergamo


The La Jolla Salon and the Search for Human Nature……Joe Kotarba, Texas State University


Session 1.9                                Time and Place in Interactionist Perspective

Organizer: Margarethe Kusenbach, University of South Florida

Presider: Thomas DeGloma, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY


Time to Defy: The Use of Temporal Spaces to Enact Resistance……Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Marking Time in Prison: Impositions and Adaptations……Michael G. Flaherty, Aarhus University


Social Behavior after a Chrysler Plant Closing: American Auto Workers Competing Globally……Paul Greider, Florida Southwestern State College, and Anne Statham, University of Southern Indiana


 FRIDAY 4:30PM – 6:00PM

Session 1.10                             Author Meets Critics: The Color of Love: Racial Features, Stigma, and Socialization in            Black Brazilian Families, University of Texas Press, 2015

Organizer and Presider: Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University


Author: Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, Ph.D., University of South Florida, Tampa

Panelists: Martha Copp, East Tennessee State University

David G. Embrick, University of Connecticut

Brandon Jackson, University of Arkansas

Natalia Ruiz-Junco, Auburn University


6:00-7:00, Welcome Reception, Foyer


8:30AM – 10:00AM

Session 2.1                                Place and Identity

Organizer and Presider: Margarethe Kusenbach, University of South Florida


“He is this Land”: Rurality as a Discursive Resource for Caregivers of a Person with Dementia……Riley Chisholm, St. Francis Xavier University, and Katherine Bischoping, York University


Liquid Identity: Making Place and Beer in New England……Ellis Jones, College of the Holy Cross, and Daina Cheyenne Harvey, College of the Holy Cross


The Automatic Community: How Local Settings Feel Real……J.J. Christofferson, University of Notre Dame


Sociology and its LGBT+ Publics:  Contemporary Issues in LGBT+ Identity Formation and The Gayborhood……Christopher T. Conner, Washburn University, Nicholas Baxter, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Tara Bartley, Washburn University


Session 2.2                                Negotiating Risk

Organizer and Presider: Andrea-Laurent Simpson, Southern Methodist University


Race and Risk in the Fire Service……Roscoe Scarborough, Franklin and Marshall College


Walking the Line, Talking the Line: How Gamers and Activists Use Stories to Construct and Manage Risk……Heather Shay, Lake Superior State University and Emily Cabaniss, Sam Houston State University


Fire at a Superfund Site? Making Sense of Risk in a Landfill Community……Kristen M. Kalz, University of Missouri


Fear, Emotions, and Nuclear Energy in France: Assessments of Pro-Nuclear and Anti-Nuclear Stakeholders……Julie Schweitzer, Oklahoma State University, and Tamara Mix, Oklahoma State University


 Session 2.3                                Autobiographical Storytelling: Content, Process, and Purpose

Organizer and Presider: Stephanie Medley-Rath, Indiana University Kokomo


Generating Stories for Next Generation: Introducing Customize Animation “Memorytalk”……Kanako Sasaki, Tohoku University


Attending to Chaos in Self-Stories: The Case of Post-Brain-Injury Anger in Autobiographical Narratives……Jorie Hofstra, Rutgers University, and Raimy Jaramillo, Rutgers University


Making the Invisible Visible in Public Arenas: Talking about Sensory Processing Disorder on The Mighty…… Stephanie Medley-Rath, Indiana University Kokomo


An Accounts-Based Approach to the Macro and Micro Link of Classificatory Revision: Transforming the Meaning of Health and Illness in Memoirs of Chronic Illness……Hwa-Yen Huang, Rutgers University


SATURDAY 10:15AM – 11:45AM

Session 2.4                                Messages and Meaning in Mass Media

Organizer and Presider: Julie Weist, West Chester University


Victim-Blaming: A Content Analysis of Online Discussion about Rape and Sexual Assault……Chivon H. Fitch, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Telling Stories of Trifling Injuries: An Interpretive Analysis of a Taiwanese Television Trope……Katherine Bischoping, York University


The Appeal of Extreme Violence in Movies: Effects of Gender and Torture……Julie B. Wiest, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and Jack Levin, Northeastern University


A Qualitative Study of Police Body Worn Cameras in the News Media……Christopher J. Schneider, Brandon University


Session 2.5                                Identity Work as a Story

Organizer and Presider: John C. Pruit, Stephen F. Austin State University


Meaning Making Continuums of Self-injury……Brittany Presson, University of Missouri


Ex-treme Identities: The Moral Career of Role Exit from Extreme Situations……James Hardie-Bick, University of Sussex, and Susie Scott, University of Sussex


Challenging Identities: Women’s Attempts to Construct their Identities by Rejecting Traditional Discourse around late-life transition……Deborah K. van den Hoonaard, St Thomas University


If You Could Just See Me: Heterosexual Men’s Narratives of Validation of Sexual Desirability……Beth Montemurro, Penn State University, Abington


Session 2.6                                Science, Technology, and Medicine Studies

Organizer and Presider: Daniel R. Morrison, Vanderbilt University


The Social Construction of Technological Risks: A Case Study of Injection-Induced Seismicity in Central Oklahoma……Dakota Raynes, Oklahoma State University


Guidelines and Gatekeeping: The Case of Emergency Department Triage……Lars E. F. Johannessen, Akershus University, Norway


The Body Pushes Back: Questioning Medical Knowledge and Authority in Deep Brain Stimulation Implant Surgery……Black Hawk Hancock, DePaul University, and Daniel R. Morrison, Vanderbilt University


SATURDAY 12:00 – 1:30PM

Session 2.7                                Symbolic Interaction, Identity, and the Body

Organizer and Presider: David J. Hutson, Penn State University, Abington


Transgressing Species: Embodied Experiences of Persons Who Do Not Identify as Entirely Human……Jasmine Suryawan, University of Colorado


The Carnal in the Sacred: Christian Women’s Experiences of Embodying the Pastoral Role……Kathleen Steeves, McMaster University


Emerging Adulthood and Childhood Experiences with Medical Challenges.……Hillary Steinberg, University of Colorado, Boulder


Session 2.8                                Storying Identity Work

Organizer and Presider: John C. Pruit, Stephen F. Austin State University


Fitting Stories and Identity Work: Homeless Outreach Workers’ Strategies for Providing Housing……Leon Anderson, Utah State University, and Curtis Smith, Utah State University


Nothing as an Interactional Accomplishment: Unraveling the Undone……Susie Scott, University of Sussex


Ending the Story of Preschool Teaching……​John C. Pruit, Stephen F. Austin State University


Mask Work in Performance of Autobiographical Storytelling……Jill Taft-Kaufman, Central Michigan University





Session 2.9                                Teaching Symbolic Interactionism: Strategies for Incorporating SI into the Classroom

Organizers and Presiders: Denise Copelton, The College at Brockport, State University of New York,and Marybeth C. Stalp, University of Northern Iowa


Symbolic Interactionism as a Tool to Jumpstart Students’ Sociological Thinking about Medicine……Amanda Gengler, Wake Forest University


Framing the Conservative Classroom: The Marriage of Critical Pedagogy and Frame Analysis at a Red State Flagship……Doug Valentine, University of Missouri


Teaching Symbolic Interactionism across Disciplines: A Theory/Research Class……Anne Vittoria, SUNY Cortland


“You Can’t Go Wrong with Goffman”: The Presentation of Self via The Sociological Career Course……Marybeth C. Stalp, University of Northern Iowa


SATURDAY 1:45PM – 3:15PM

Session 2.10                             From Autobiography to Autoethnography

Organizer and Presider: Stephanie Medley-Rath, Indiana University Kokomo


The Roots of Autobiographical Storytelling: An Analysis of the Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau from the Symbolic Interactionist Perspective……Alina Pop, Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir of Bucharest, and Marco Marzano, University of Bergamo


Living in Detroit: Interpreting Lyrical Sociology……Greg Wurm, Brigham Young University


How Did We Become First-Generation College Students in America? The Auto Ethnography of a Norwegian Undergrad and a French Researcher/Instructor……Liselotte Hammer, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Nicolas Simon, Eastern Connecticut State University


My Yankee Traitor Heart……Allen Shelton, Buffalo State University


Session 2.11                             “Nature,” Self, and Social Change

Organizer and Presider: Stella M. Čapek, Hendrix College


“We Will Continue to Fight for Our Lands Because it is Mother Nature that We Value”: Environmental Justice Grievances and Claims Making in the Idle No More Movement……Julie Schweitzer Oklahoma State University, and Tamara Mix, Oklahoma State University


“I Am Poor Therefore I Am Sick”: The Social Construction of Cholera in Haiti……Kapriskie Seide, University of Miami


A Sociology of Silence……Stella M. Čapek, Hendrix College, and Samuel Higgins, Hendrix College


Rethinking the BioEconomy, a Genre of Human Provisioning, as Cognitive Cultures of Multispecies Communities……Alexander I. Stingl, Collège d’études mondiales, Paris


 Session 2.12                             Pragmatic Interactionism

Organizer: Patrick McGinty, Western Illinois University

Presider: Daniel R. Morrison, Vanderbilt University


A Pragmatist-Interactionist Approach to Character……Arthur McLuhan, York University


Self-Management in Everyday Life: Engaging Pragmatist Roots in the Study of Management in the Making……Scott Grills, Brandon University, and Robert Prus, University of Waterloo


Shame: A Meadian interpretation. Theorethical Concepts and Case Study……Lorenzo Bruni, University of Perugia


The Pre-Reflective Elements of Consciousness in Social Interaction……Jerry Williams, Stephen F. Austin State University


SATURDAY 3:30PM – 4:45PM

Session 2.13                             The Canadian Contributions to Symbolic Interaction

Organizers and Presiders: Stacey Hannem, Wilfrid Laurier University and Carrie Sanders, Wilfrid Laurier University


Generic Social Processes: The Genesis, Development, and Future Legacy of a Foundational Canadian Interactionist Contribution……Antony J Puddephatt, Lakehead University


The Origins and Evolution of Everett Hughes’ Concept: “Master Status” ……Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Deborah K. van den Hoonaard, St. Thomas University


The institutionalization of Symbolic Interactionism in English-Language Canadian Sociology, 1922–1979: Success at What Cost? ……Rick Helmes-Hayes, University of Waterloo, and Emily Milne, University of Waterloo


Session 2.14                             Sexualities, Bodies, and Autoethnographies

Organizer and Presider: R Plante


The Prostitute’s Body……Christina Parreira, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Penile Implants: The Social Construction of the Penis……Jeffrey Nash, Missouri State University


“I’d Fuck You, for Instance”: The Sex Researcher’s Body……R Plante


Session 2.15                             Gaming and Gambling

Presider: Andrea Dassopoulos, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Is Sociology Too Weird? Observations from the Gambling/Gaming Discipline……Shekinah Hoffman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Gendering Gaming Spaces……Bertan Buyukozturk, Florida State University


Vomiting in VR: Narratives of Virtual Reality Sickness……David Kirschner, Georgia Gwinnett College


5:00-6:15                                   Plenary Session: Distinguished lecture

“The Past, Present and Future of G. H. Mead in Symbolic Interactionism”

Dr. Jean-François Côté, Professor of Sociology, Université du Québec à Montréal



6:15-7:00 Reception

7:00-9:00 Banquet and Awards Ceremony


 SUNDAY 8/13

8:30AM – 10:00AM

Session 3.1                                Growth and Transitions in Education

Presider: Amanda G. Pruit, Stephen F. Austin State University


Mapping Journalism Education in Liquid Times: A Situational Analysis of the Collaborative Joint-program College-University Landscape in Ontario, Canada……Maija Saari, OISE/University of Toronto & Sheridan College


Developing Resiliency among College Students……Amanda G. Pruit, Stephen F. Austin State University


Constrained Creativity: Balancing Artistic Practices with Organizational Standards in Chinese Art Test Prep Schools…… Jun Fang, Northwestern University


Disclosure Etiquette and Stigma Navigation for Students with Disabilities on a College Campus……Laura Kruczinski, Northern Illinois University


Session 3.2                                Sport, Recreation, and Leisure

Organizer and Presider: Kiernan Gordon, University of New Hampshire


An InCARnation of the Self: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Street Car Scene in Las Vegas, Nevada……Celine Ayala, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Adhering to the “Man Code”: Tolerating Deviance in the Family……Deana Simonetto, McMaster University


It’s my Job: Student-Athlete Interpretations of their Institutional Roles……Sarah J. Hatteberg, The College of Charleston


(Mis)Managing the Sportscape for Stakeholders:  An Interaction Ritual Analysis of the Controversy Surrounding a Stadium Naming-Rights Agreement at an NCAA Division I Institution in the United States……Kiernan Gordon, University of New Hampshire


Session 3.3                                New Theoretical Directions

Organizer and Presider: Lonnie Athens, Seton Hall University


Reclaiming Existentialist Roots: Some Mid-Century European Foundations for Interactionist Inquiry and Their Relevance Today……Steve Bailey, York University


Imagined Interactions: Making a Case through Music……Jeff van den Scott, Memorial University of New Foundland


Veganism: Ethics in Everyday Life……Ryan Turner, University of Massachusetts


The Hermeneutic Spiral, Grounded Theory and Thick Description: Case Example of Bali, Indonesia……Hans Bakker, University of Guelph                                                                                                                                 


 SUNDAY 10:15AM – 11:45AM

Publication Committee Meeting

Session 3.4                                Gender, Sex, and Education

Presider: Doug Valentine. University of Missouri


Young People’s Reactions to College Campus Affirmative Action Consent Policies……Sarah Becker, Louisiana State University, and Justine Tinkler, University of Georgia


The Social Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sex Education Curricula……Lauren Guyer, University of Northern Colorado


Queering by Example: Sex Education in the Age of Vlogging……Zoe Simpson, CUNY


“Maybe That Part of Me Doesn’t Need to Shine”: Negotiating Intersectional Identities on College Campuses……Alexis Lewis, University of Missouri


Session 3.5                                Explaining the Rise of Trump

Organizer and Presider: Daniel R. Morrison, Vanderbilt University


Countering Charisma: Using Weber and Symbolic Interactionism to Explain the Rise of Trump……Paul Joosse, University of Hong Kong


Fake News: Trust and the Stories of a Meta-Message……Saskia Hooiveld, The Graduate Center CUNY


Accounting for Trump……Eric O. Silva, Georgia Southern University


White Lives Matter? Who (and When) is the White Working Class?……Matthew Hughey, University of Connecticut


The Symbolic Resources and Limits of Academic Society Statements on Trump and Trump Administration Policy……Daniel R. Morrison, Vanderbilt University


SUNDAY 12:00 – 1:30PM

Session 3.6                                Interactionist Perspectives on Deviance

Organizer and Presider: Julie Wiest, West Chester University


No Justice, No Self: Identity and Loss in the Face of Wrongful Conviction……Diana Rickard, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Watching You Watching Me: Lateral Surveillance in Singapore……Lee Yan Song, West Virginia University

Victimization as a Social Process: The Contributions of Mead and Blumer for Understanding the Meaning of Victimhood……Dylan Reynolds, University of Guelph

Dominance Encounters Police Officers and Suspects: An Exploratory Analysis ……Gabriella Acquaviva, Seton Hall University, Lonnie Athens, Seton Hall University, Matthew O’Toole, Seton Hall University, and Alyza Roman, Seton Hall University   


Session 3.7                                Interactionist Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity

Organizer and Presider: Leslie Irvine, University of Colorado


Vegans of Color:  The Intersection of Veganism with Race and Identity……Jessica Greenebaum, Central Connecticut State University


Constructing Ethnic Identity Through Symbolic Dress: Doppa Day Amongst Uyghur……Mutellip Iqbal, Istanbul University


Not Quite White and Not Entirely Ethnic: Korean Adoptees and the Transracial Adoptee Double Bind……Wendy M. Laybourn, University of Maryland, College Park


Credibility Work and Ethnic Performance at the Emergency Ward……Marius Wamsiedel, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University


Choice Accounts of Team Formation: How Symbolic Representations of Race and Gender Influence the Choice Rationales of Partner-Selection……Jasmón Bailey, University of South Florida


Session 3.8                                Extending Goffman

Organizer and Presider: Christopher T. Conner, Washburn University


The ‘Mental Backstage’ of the Interaction Order: A Socio-Historical Perspective of the Looking Glass Self……Baptiste Brossard, The Australian National University                         


Constructing Verbal Backstage and Collective Identities: An Ethnography in a Chinese-Owned Nail Salon……Amber Ma, University of South Florida


Stigma in the 21st Century: Conceptual Boundary Work and the Colloquialism of a Sociological Concept……Stacey Hannem, Wilfrid Laurier University.


SUNDAY 1:45 – 3:15PM

Session 3.9                                Place, Mobility, Identity

Organizer: Margarethe Kusenbach, University of South Florida

Presider: Erin Johnston, Stanford University


The Imagined and Experienced Place: Moving Processes, Moving Stories, and Florida Transplants……Wenonah M. Venter, University of South Florida


American Gap Year Programs and the Marketing of Place……Erin Johnston, Stanford University


Dark Tourism, Residential Schools, and (Un)Grievable Populations……Taylor Dechief, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Experiencing Place and Nonplace in the Backpacker Hostel……Marko Salvaggio, Goucher College


Session 3.10                            Contested Ground: Deviance Designations, Stigma Contests, and the Problem of    Conflict in Everyday Life

Organizer and Presider: Scott Grills, Brandon University


The Symbolic Interaction of Care, Work, and Welfare Reform: Understanding the Intersections of Opposition in Political Debates……Patrick Levine, Florida Atlantic University


Capitalism used to be good……Thaddeus Muller, Lancaster University


Negotiated (Law and) Order in a Rural Community……Corey J. Colyer, West Virginia University


Extending State Control through Efforts to Responsibilize: Plural Policing and Community Safety and Wellness Initiatives in Canada……Carrie B. Sanders, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Debra Langan, Wilfrid Laurier University


 Session 3.11                            Popular Culture: People, Places, and Things

Organizer and Presider: Michael Ian Borer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Music, Narrative, and Protest: A Comparative Study of Anti-War Music of Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan……Nathan Redman, University of California-Irvine, Sophia Yanik, University of Arizona, and Lori Holyfield, University of Arkansas


Voices across Time: Sexuality, Gender, and Rap……Roberto Cancio, University of Miami, Cajohn S.L. Voltaire, University of Miami, Anthony Moten, University of Miami, and Linda L. Belgrave, University of Miami


The Influence of Perceptions of Class and Status on Sensorial Experiences While Consuming Sweets……Caroline Erb-Medina, CUNY Graduate Center


Acquired Tastes: Becoming a Craft Beer Drinker……Michael Ian Borer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas





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