Query from Colleague/inequality

Sandra B. Schneider has asked me if I would post her query here. Please respond to Sandra directly or press the comment button on the blog.


I hope you are well. We would appreciate any colleagues who may respond to our query.

Thank you –

I understand my query reflects several different perspectives on this issue.  

I would greatly appreciate any guidance regarding the literature and work on:

• Ideas of classlessness regarding child abuse in America

• Disproportionate numbers of unreported and underreported cases coming from families of higher income.

• Notions of ‘model family’ where practitioners or teachers may ignore or underestimate the child abuse or neglect of privileged children.

• The role of social networks, relationship to other professionals (such as doctors) and level of contact with the state in the reporting of child abuse and neglect.  

I understand this is broad. We would appreciate any help or guidance.  

Thank you –


Sandra B. Schneider, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education

School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Radford University


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2 Responses to Query from Colleague/inequality

  1. Currently travelling in the Pacific Northwest so I won’t respond in detail but some of these issues are covered in Dingwall, Eekelaar and Murray, The Protection of Children: State Intervention and Family Life. Original edition is 1983 but there is a recent re-publication by Quidpro Books – will turn up easily on Amazon.

  2. Sandi Schneider says:

    Thank you – enjoy your travels!

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