CfP for a 2nd Special Issue of Studies in Symbolic Interaction: “Radical Interactionism” from Norman K. Denzin

Call for Papers for a second special issue of Studies in Symbolic Interaction on: “Radical Interactionism” from Norman K. Denzin, the series’ founding editor

In response to the great excitement and unprecedented interest that Studies in Symbolic Interaction’s special issue, “Radical Interactionism on the Rise” (vol.#41), generated in the academic community, I am pleased to announce a call for papers for a second special issue on this topic.  The encore issue will be titled, “New Developments in Radical Interactionism: American and European Contributions.” It will focus on what radical interactionist’s exponent, Lonnie Athens calls “politics of everyday life” found, in among other research sites, marriage and the family, courtship and dating, religion, professions and occupations,  (including academics), science, sports, health care, popular culture and leisure pursuits, sexuality, crime and deviance, print and broadcast journalism, the performing arts, race and ethnic relations, and urban areas and public spaces, educational and criminal justice institutions, social movements, and international relations. We are especially interested in submissions from North, Central and South American, and European scholars. To encourage the generation of a cumulative body of empirical knowledge from the application of this new, interactional perspective, which provides an alternative to its conservative, turned rival cousin, symbolic interactionism, it is strongly recommended that those making submissions consult the papers published in volume #41 of Studies in Symbolic Interaction (2013).   Before submitting a completed paper, you should submit three to four page summary of your proposed project to Lonnie Athens ( no later than July 1, 2014. All outlines and completed papers must be written in fluent English.

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