SSSI Annual Meeting 2013: Program Schedule Version 2.0 (June 20, 2013)

SSSI Annual Meetings

August 8-10, 2013

Kerry Ferris, Program Chair (


**This version of the program incorporates changes and corrections made since the first version was issued. Formatting is off as I am traveling and working via smartphone!  Please let me know about any remaining errors or omissions, any further changes of plans that should be noted, and any additional volunteers to preside or serve as discussants.  A Registration Form is being designed and should be available online next week.  Thanks for your patience, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in NYC in August!**




Grand Hyatt New York, Grand Central Terminal


August 8-10, 2013




Day 1: Thursday, August 8


8:00 -10:00 AM  REGISTRATION


9:00 – 10:30 AM Sessions


Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture: Presider/Discussant, Julie B. Wiest, West Chester University


Steve Bailey, York University: Performance and Eros in the Frame of the Financial Collapse: Two Films by Steven Soderbergh and Goffmanian Analysis


Alison Buck, NC State: Girls Don’t Play Counterstrike: Women Game Developers Playing Along and Apart


Matthew Gougherty and Jennifer Puentes, IU-Bloomington: Crafting Gendered and Classed Demeanors in Etiquette Books


Liza McCoy and Barbara Schneider, University of Calgary: Ladies Center, Men Sashay! Older Adults, Embodiment, and Aesthetics in Urban Square Dance




Sociology of Emotions I: Emotions, Institutions and Health: Organizer and Discussant, Patrick Grzanka, Arizona State University


Donileen Loseke and Janine Beahm, University of South Florida: This is About Women and Children Who are Suffering: Welfare Reform as Compassion

Amanda Gengler, Brandeis University: Emotions and Medical Decision Making among Families of Seriously Ill Children


Baptiste Brossard, Centre Maurice Halbwachs (Ecole Normale Superieur, EHESS/Paris): Deviant Quests for Emotional Norms: A Sociological Approach to Self-Injury


Erna Prinsloo, University of Cape Town: Emotional Roller-Coastering: Collective Identity Construction at Overnight Cancer Assemblies




Constructing Individual and Group Identities: Presider TBA


Jesse Smith, Western Michigan: The Social and Interactional Constitution of Private Non-Belief: The Case of Organized Atheists in the United States.


Terada Masaya, Tohoku University: What Social Problems Should Community Radio Treat?


Jasmon Bailey, University of South Florida: The Elephant-In-The-Room Called Race: Attitudes and Perceptions within Racial Discourse




10:30 – 11:00 AM, Coffee Break




11:00 – 12:30 PM Sessions


Innovating Methods: Presider: TBA


Antonietta Migliore, University of Turin and Salvatore La Mendola, University of Padua: Awareness Beyond Reflexivity: Dialogical Representativeness as Multi-Sensory Ways of Knowing


Aaron Johnson, Cleveland State: Mutual Empowerment in Qualitative Research: Resolving the Interviewer’s Ethical Dilemma through the use of Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communications


J.I. (Hans) Bakker, University of Guelph and Clifford College: Facebook and the Generalized Other: A Qualitative Leap in Symbolic Interaction




Symbolic Interaction, Literature and the Arts: Presider, Diane Johnson, Kutztown University


Christina Sanchez-Weston, University of Miami: Visual Artists and (Non) Symbolic Interaction


Miriam Chirico, Eastern Connecticut State: Identity Theft in Shakespeare: Looking Glass Selves in Shakespeare’s Comedies

Social Movements I: Organizer, Jennifer Dunn, Texas Tech


Norman Conti, Duquesne University, Linda Morrison,, Oakland University, and Katherine Pantaleo, Lock Haven University: All the Wiser: Dialogic Space, Destigmatization, and Teacher-Activist Recruitment


Masatake Hongo, Wakayama Medical University, Japan: Participating in Social Movement as Conscience Adherents: The Case of HIV-infected Hemophiliacs Participating as Non-Concerned in Japan


Tawanda Sydesky Nyawasha, University of Limpopo, South Africa:  “Historicity” as Political Subjectivity:  The Promise of New Social Movement Theory




12:30 – 2:00 PM, Lunch On Your Own




12:30 PM: Executive Committee and Publishing Committee Meeting




2:00 – 3:30 PM Sessions


Cultural Sociology: Presider, Chris Conner, UNLV


Julie B. Wiest, West Chester University: Tuning in to the Cultural Broadcast: How Culture “Works”


Norbert Wiley, UIUC: Bakhtin’s Dialogism vs. Chomsky’s Monologism




Mentoring Session: Practical Advice for Publishing Your Work


Kathy Charmaz, Organizer, Sonoma State University


Robert Dingwall, Editor, Symbolic Interaction, Dingwall Enterprises/Nottingham Trent University


Charles Edgeley, Co-Editor, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, University of Arkansas, Little Rock


Simon Gottschalk, Former Editor, SI, UNLV


Ruth Horwitz, Chair, Publications Committee, SSSI, NYU


Donileen Loseke, Former Co-Editor, JCE, University of South Florida




Health and Health Care Institutions: Presider TBA


Noreen Sugrue, UIUC, Carole Kenner, Northeastern, and Dana Beth Weinberg, Queens College: An Alternative Framework for Understanding Health Care Worker Migration and the Creation of an Occupational Diaspora


Silvia Scalabrini, Swansea University: The People Out There: Constructing the Public in Public Engagement Policies


Elizabeth Chute, Carroll College: Title TBA


Ditte Andersen, Aarhus University: Performing Change Work: Interactional Construction of Transformative Agency in People-Processing Encounters




3:30 – 4:30 PM Welcome Reception




4:30 PM

Images of Brooklyn, Past and Present: Panel Organizers, Jerry Krase, Brooklyn College, and Mark Hutter, Rowan University


Judith N. DeSena, St. John’s University:  Coeditor (with Timothy Shortell) of The World in Brooklyn:  Gentrification, Immigration and Ethnic Politics in a Global City 

Jerry Krase, Brooklyn College: Author of Seeing Cities Change:  Local Culture and Class

Lidia Manzo, University of Trento:  Gentrification in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Mark Hutter, Rowan University

Kenneth Gould, Brooklyn College

Tammy Lewis, Brooklyn College

Sara Martucci, CUNY Graduate Center


6:00 PM  Images of Brooklyn Tour: 


This tour will begin in Manhattan, and participants will walk and take the subway into Brooklyn for a tour that will focus on Greenpoint and Williamsburg and will end with dinner at a local restaurant. Cost:  $10 to be paid to SSSI (payment information on registration form, below).  Spaces Limited.  Bring your camera.  




For those not taking the tour, dinner on your own…









Day 2: Friday, August 9


9:00 – 10:30 AM Sessions


Symbolic Interaction and Qualitative Methods: Organizer, Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University


Brenda Mason, University of South Florida: Exploring Culture in Policy-Making Using Narrative Analysis


Jason Eastman, Carolina College: Intra-Cultural Comparative Sociology: Concurrent Data Analysis at the Macro and Micro Levels


Judson Everitt, Loyola University Chicago: Institutional Logics in Practice: Purposeful and Routine Action among Teachers over the Course of Their Careers


Chris Ponticelli, University of South Florida: The Dog Within Us: Understanding and Communicating with Dogs Through Seld-Reflexivity


Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University: The Unacknowledged Implications of Symbolic Interactionism for Intensive Interviewing




Working, Together and Alone: Presider, Matthew Gougherty, IU-Bloomington


Alex Dennis, University of Sheffield, and Greg Smith, University of Salford: The Routine Work of Security Guards


David C. Lane, University of Delaware: The Other Side of the Needle:  Tattoo Work and Cultural Tradition


Pernille Strobaek, University of Copenhagen: The Battle for a Coffee Break: A Story about Autonomy at Work


Scott Grills, Brandon University, and Robert Prus, University of Waterloo: Management and Joint Action: Sustaining Team Endeavors




10:30 – 11:00 AM, Coffee Break




11:00 – 12:30 PM Sessions


Symbolic Interactionist Research in Europe: Organizer, Michael Dellwing, Universitat Kassel


Thaddeus Müller: Academic Fraud, Moral Panic, and Definition Power: How PhD Students Become Stigmatizes as Sloppy Scientists


Alessandro Tietz: Ethnographic Game Studies of the Magic Circle as an Intersubjective Accomplishment


Robert Prus, Waterloo University: Revisiting Emile Durkheim’s The Rules of Sociological Method: Implications for Historical, Ethnographic, Structuralist and Qualitative Inquiry


Michael Dellwing: Flaneur Ethnography and the Study of Everyday Life



Sports, Games and Social Drama:  Presider: Brian Monahan, Marywood University


Heather Shay: NC State: Pretending to be a Hero: Fictive Heroism Among Role-Playing Gamers


Brian Monahan, Marywood University, and Lynn Letukas, UW-LaCrosse: When Oprah Met Lance: Degradative Encounters and the Symbolic Recalibration of Morality


Lewis Freeman, Fordham University: Yogi Berra Stadium as a Place for Communication and Community: Symbolic Interaction in a Minor League Ballpark




Online/Virtual Symbolic Interaction: Organizer, Simon Gottschalk, UNLV


Jeffrey Forest Hilbert, University of South Florida: Internet Memes and Symbolic Interactionism


Sabrina Weiss, Rensselaer Polytechnic Intstitute: Breaking the Rules: Virtual World Creation and Participation as Disruptive/Creative Discourses


Jennifer Whitmer, UNLV: You are so beautiful, it’s like looking into the face of God: Apparent Discourse, Self Evaluation, and Authenticity on Personal Style Blogs


Erica O. Yeager, Anne Arundel Community College: Waiting for the Rainbow with Friends: Online Community Support for Subsequent Pregnancy after Pregnancy Loss


Simon Gottchalk, UNLV: The Terminal Self: Virtual Reflections through the Looking Glass Screens




12:30 – 2:00 PM, Lunch on Your Own


12:30 – 2:00 PM Session


SSSI Mentoring Session: Getting and Keeping a Job (Brownbag Lunch and Panel)


Kathy Charmaz, Organizer, Sonoma State University


Leon Anderson, Head, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, Utah State University


Michael Ian Borer, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, UNLV


Jennifer Dunn, Chair, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Department, Texas Tech University


Scott Grills, Vice-President (Academic and Research), Brandon University


David Shulman, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Lafayette College



2:00 – 3:30 PM Sessions


Power and Emotion: Organizer and Presider/Chair, Natalia Ruiz-Junco, American University


Norman Conti, Duquesne University, Linda Morrision, Oakland University, and Katherine Pantaleo, Lock Haven University: This kind of learning changes lives: Conversion Narratives and Teacher Activist Recruitment


Jennifer Lois, Western Washinton University, and Joanna Gregson, Pacific Lutheran University: Sneers and Leers: Romance Novel Writers and the Stigma of Sexual Shamelessness


Alan Dahl, American University: Ritual Cycles and Emotional Power


Natalia Ruiz-Junco, American University: Deliverable Feelings: Emotion and Childbirth




Teaching Symbolic Interaction: Organizer Nicolas Simon, Eastern Connecticut State University


Christopher Conner, UNLV: Teaching Symbolic Interaction Through Games: Are You A Werewolf? Jacob Heller, SUNY Old Westbury: Teaching Emotion Work Using Poetry


Nicolas Simon, ECSU: Teaching Symbolic Interactionism in a Deviance Course




Social Movements II: Organizer, Jennifer Dunn, Texas Tech; Presider:  Ross Haenfler, University of Mississippi


Pete Simi, University of Nebraska: Will the Real Aryans Please Stand Up?: Identity Clashes Among White Power Activists


Emily R. Cabaniss, NC State: Gendered Narrative Work in the Undocumented Youth Movement Sarah Nell Rusche, Wake Forest University: This is the Real Me: Crafting Authentic Activist Selves

Ross Haenfler, University of Mississippi:  Chastity on Campus:  Framing Abstinence in the Virginity Pledge.  



3:30 – 4:00 PM, Coffee Break


4:00 – 5:30 PM  Distinguished Lecture:  Joan Fujimura, University of Wisconsin, Madison Topic TBA


5:30 – 6:30 PM  SSSI Business Meeting




Day 3: Saturday, August 10


9:00 – 10:30 AM Sessions



Sexualities and Symbolic Interaction: Organizer, Brandy Simula; Presider:  J. Edward Sumerau, University of Tampa


Tamara Williams Van Horn, UC Boulder: Smart but Not Necessarily Sexual: Women of Color Talk Sexual Health at a Predominantly White University


Staci Newmahr, Buffalo State College: Reimagining the Erotic: Genital Drift and Asexual “Sexualities”


Alaina Mathers (UIC) and J. Edward Sumerau (University of Tampa): Not Just Another Gay Group: The Moral Construction of Ally Identities in a Southeastern PFLAG Chapter




Radical Interactionism: Chair and Organizer, Lonnie Athens, Seton Hall University


Lonnie Athens, Seton Hall University: Radical and Symbolic Interactionism: Their Basic Points of Contentions


Gil Richard Musolf, Central Michigan University: The Dialectic of Domination and Democracy in Aeschylus’ Oresteia: A Radical Interactionist Reading


Bob Batchelor, Kent State University: Radical Interactionism and the Great American Novel: The Great Gatsby as a Case in Point


Adedeji Akere, Cindy Aviles and Tristian Belisle, Seton Hall University: Dominance Hierarchies in the Criminal World




Sociology of Emotions II: Beyond Good and Bad Feelings: Happiness, Shame and Suffering Reconsidered: Organizer and Discussant, Patrick Grzanka, Arizona State University


Mary Beth Finch, Northwestern: Only Happy Stories: Using Positive Emotions to Sell Fair Trade Products


Diane Johnson, Kutztown University: Discharging Shame: The Curious Case of John H. Watson, M.D.


E. Doyle McCarthy and Stephanie Laudone, Fordham University: Popular Images of Suffering: Collective Images and Emotions




10:30 – 11:00 AM, Coffee Break




11:00 – 12:30 PM Sessions



Symbolic Interactionist Research on Music: Organizer, Joseph Kotarba, Texas State University, San Marcos; Presider and Discussant:  Bryce Merrill, Western States Art Federation


Roscoe Scarborough: The Jazz Solo as Ritual: Conforming to the Conventions of Innovation


Maggie Cobb, University of South Florida, and Lori Holyfield, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; The Wounded Warrior: Healing and Resistance Through Song.


Jeffrey van den Scott, Northwestern University: The Interpretation of Popular Music Through Language in Canada’s North


Gloria Martinez-Ramos, Texas State University, San Marcos: Selena and the Music of Latina Liberation


Tom Scheff, University of California, Santa Barbara:  Love and Loss in Pop Songs


Technology and Symbolic Interactionism: Organizers, Lisa-Jo van den Scott, Northwestern University, and Carrie Sanders, Wilfred Laurier University


Christopher J. Schneider: Police “Image Work” in an Era of Social Media” YouTube and the 2007 Montebello Summit Protest


Leon Anderson: Flying the Friendly Skies: Technology, Commercialization, and Socialization in the Evolution of Skydiving


Alexander I. Stingl: Time, Space and Image: The Visual Aesthetics of Techno-Scientific Interactions of Doctors, Patients and Publics


Lisa-Jo van den Scott: Passive and Active Engagements: Mundane Technology, SCOT, and non-Western Contexts





Author Meets Critics: Not My Kid: What Parents Believe About the Sex Lives of Their Teenagers, by Sinikka Elliott, NC State


Organizer, Ken Kolb, Furman University; Presider, Matt Ezzell, James Madison University


Panel: Krista McQueeney, Merrimack College; Jason E. Sumerau, University of Tampa; Sherryl Kleinman, UNC-CH; Amy L. Best, George Mason University.




12:30 – 2:00 PM, Lunch On Your Own



2:00 – 3:30 PM Sessions


Home & Belonging: Organizer, Maggie Kusenbach, University of South Florida; Discussant, Krista E. Paulsen, University of North Florida


Panel Stella Capek, Hendrix College: “Things that Refresh Everyone’s Spirit:” Reimagining Inclusive Urban Space in Little Rock’s SoMa Neighborhood


Skyler Lauderdale, University of South Florida: Decorating the Dorms: Examining Home and Belonging Among First-Year University Students


Lisa-Jo van den Scott, Northwestern University: Relocation of Memory: From Oral Transmission to Artifacts on Display


Orsolya Kolozsvari, College of Coastal Georgia: Creating A Shared Space and A Sense of Belonging in Long-Distance Relationships





George Herbert Mead Sesquicentennial Panel: Organizer, Harold Orbach, Kansas State University


Clark McPhail, UIUC; Eugene Halton, Notre Dame; Harold Orbach, Kansas State University; Mitchell Aboulafia, The Julliard School/Manhattan College




3:30 – 4:00 PM, Coffee Break




4:00 – 5:30 PM Sessions


Undergraduate Research: Organizer, Nicolas Simon, Eastern Connecticut State


Steve Mare, SUNY Old Westbury: Dipping into the World of Tobacco Use in College Baseball


Aileen McCluskey, Buffalo State: Lesbian Identity and the Male Gaze: A Study of Exotic Dancers


Damian Patrinostro, University of South Florida: Exploring the Social Construction of a Zoo: Explicit vs. Implicit Functions and their Implications


Emily Weill, SUNY Old Westbury: The Construction of Meaning Between a Group and an Individual


Jenny Nunn-Stanley, Buffalo State: Faith Over Reason: The Backfiring of Black Christianity




SSSI Workshop: Tips and Tricks in Writing for Publication


Kathy Charmaz, Presenter, Sonoma State University

Spaces limited; Fee for non-members: Students, $50, PhD/Asst. Profs, $70, Assoc. and Full Profs, $90




6:00 – 7:00 PM Social Hour


7:00 – 9:00 PM Banquet ($75 per non-student; $60 for students) & Awards Ceremony, Grand Hyatt

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